Virtual Reality & Game Development Workshop

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Virtual Reality & Game Development Workshop

15th April 2018 | 9.30 am to 4.30 pm
Venue : IITM Research Park, Taramani, Chennai

AR / VR / MR

Different development platforms used in AR/VR and discuss in generic on advantages and disadvantages of different platforms.

Unity Software

Unity is a cross-platform game engine used to develop both three-dimensional and two-dimensional video games.

Game Essential

Manage in built assets and learn how to Import Game essentials, positioning, lighting and texturing your assets.

Create a Game

Well if want to get started with your first game. Come, Joint the day ! Create you first Game on Workshop day.

Advanced Session - 3D

Virtual reality, simulates an environment through a computer to immerse the user in an experience of which he is part of.

Expert Q/A

Nobbody will stop you from asking questions to Mentors. Its your day ! Make the most of it.


Virtual Reality & Game Development Workshop

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  • Open to All Students & Industry Delegates
  • Clear you Doubts on VR | AI & 3D Gaming
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Virtual Reality & Game Development Workshop

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You can think of it almost as a sub-category of advanced AR, as MR augments the reality you see but in a far more deep and integrated fashion. Whereas AR provides an added layer on top of reality that you can see, MR mixes everything in more seamlessly and provides a greater amount of user interaction.


Gaming - $91 billion dollars

The video game industry is experiencing unprecedented success. It's been estimated that gaming will be worth over $91 billion dollars by 2020. It shocked us to learn that jobs for game developers and game designers have shown a strong decline since 2014 with a 65% drop in the number of postings.


Scientific Visualisation

VR application range from academic research through to engineering, design, business, the arts and entertainment. But irrespective of the use, virtual reality produces a set of data which is then used to develop new models, training methods, communication and interaction. In many ways the possibilities are endless.

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