Cyber Security & Safety Workshop

Venue - IITM Research Park, Taramani, Chennai
10th March 2018 | 10am to 4pm .

Industrial Delegates Reg. Fee : 860 INR
Students from Any Dept can register

If you are online. You must learn to be safe!
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Registration Closes 9th March 2018 : 5.00pm "or" Before If All Seats Taken.

Cyber Security & Safety

Session Highlights

Cyber Crimes

Learning Cyber Crimes

Troll & Harrasments

Social Networking Stalking and Cyberbullying

Safety & Legal

Cybercrime laws and procedures

Reporting Crimes

Cyber Crime Reporting

Cyber-Stalking | Cyber Defamation | E-Mail Spoofing | Intellectual Property Crimes |
Open Question Forum | Harassment via E-Mails | Distribution of pirated software | Online Movie Piracy

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Cyber Security & Safety Workshop

As with use of the Internet, cyber crimes are increasing day by day, hence there is a strong need to make the appropriate cyber laws to deal with these cyber crimes. Cyber Safety and Security workshop will take you through different cyber threats and cases, and morevover how to deal them in like:

Cyber Crime Preventive Measures, Mechanism to Report Cyber Crimes and Right Path for Sending the Blocking, Removal Request for Objectionable Content which is available over cyber space, are discussed under the IT Act 2000 of Indian Government.

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Cyber Security & Safety Workshop

Report Cyber Crimes

After victimization of any cyber crime, first step is to report the crime to the Law enforcement agency (Cyber crime branch or any police station of your state.). Matters of cyber crimes are investigated by law enforcement agency (LEA) on registration of FIR. Further LEA approaches to Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) for getting the information related to technical analysis like details of emails, sms, Facebook, Twitter, IP address, URLs details etc.

Reporting of the Various Kind of Cyber Crimes: